The right to own guns as one of the many rights and freedom of the american citizens

Swedes are only permitted 6 hunting rifles or 10 pistols, or an eight-gun combination of rifles and pistols all of which must be stored in an approved safeand they cannot purchase ammunition for a firearm they do not own. It's a fabrication made up by the people of the USA. He is the author of Foreign Policy Inc.: That brings us to what gun enthusiasts should receive in the bargain.

I remember reading a gun magazine in the US glorifying these things and it was pure filth.

Americans Don't Have the Right to Bear Just Any Arms

While they are subject to minimal federal regulation and already banned in 10 states, they are easily obtained and big sellers. I remember John Lennon saying the song 'Happiness is a Warm Gun' was inspired by that insane sentence he saw on a gun magazine.

And even if you could get through to the police, they couldn't send anyone. Unlike many European countries, citizens may obtain concealed-carry permits without declaring a reason for doing so.

One can actually make an argument for ownership of the latter weapons along the same line as bows and arrows, slingshots and fishing rods. Accident statistics are hard to obtain, but much data is available on the issue of gun ownership and gun related deaths.

In this great compromise, that is all the gun controllers get: How do guns help. The Second Amendment guarantees the individual right to own a gun. Concealed-carry permits are issued on a restrictive basis. Perhaps his flip-flopping was a tactical maneuver. Gun owners must declare a reason for ownership such as hunting, target shooting or collecting, but self-defense is not considered valid.

It suggests that, down deep, the gun lobby is not really serious about its claim that government threatens them. Guns are only adding more deaths to the US average deaths.

The USA has always had a hugh problem with race. So it is only the USA where the NRA runs the republican party that the stupid logic is used that more guns make society safer when in fact it is just the opposite. A huge majority of Americans favor stricter gun control laws; and as long as they're excluding nuclear weapons they might as well throw in assault weapons and Saturday Night Specials.

Here, the Court refused to strike down a law prohibiting the interstate commerce of a sawed-off shotgun on the basis of the Second Amendment. The gun lobby argues that the lack of of such language means that individuals are free to own any arms they please, and government cannot use constitutional silence to infer permission to regulate them.

The gun rights issue is not the only perversion of freedom one can come up with.Newspapers stay in business thanks to the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech, but they cannot lawfully print child pornography. And citizens have no right to incite imminent violence.

If owning a gun is a constitutional right why does the federal government demand citizens to show ID to exercise this right? The American Bill of Rights contained 10 amendments to the constitution. The 2nd amendment had to do with guns.

the government is constitutionally allowed to erect reasonable restrictions on the right to own one. Do American Citizens Have a Right to Own a Gun?

By John W. Whitehead that the Second Amendment is "intended mainly to protect the right of the states to maintain militias to assure their own freedom and security against the central government. "In determining whether the Second Amendment's guarantee is an individual one, or.

Astute legal scholars will remind you that the Second Amendment is a negative right—that it protects the right to own guns, but that nothing obligates the government to make sure everyone. Should the Government Allow Citizens a Right to own Guns? I think the readers should take a course in the Bill of Rights.

The 2nd Amendment states that this Right Shall not be Infringed. Why doesn't the Chinese government give civilians the right to own guns? Update Cancel. like to think that humans have rights, and one of those rights is to be human. k Views · View Upvoters. Feifei Wang, I spend about the same amount of my life in China and in the Chinese government does not allow its citizens to own guns to.

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The right to own guns as one of the many rights and freedom of the american citizens
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