History of paper cups

The boilers are powered by burning oil, coal, and even the excess wood harvested by the extraction team. There is both planned and perceived obsolescence that goes into the production of a paper cup. Contaminated with particles of excess tree fiber, this mixture is then dumped into nearby reservoirs, swamps, and rivers along with the condensed solution of cooking chemicals.

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History[ edit ] Paper cups have been documented in imperial Chinawhere paper was invented by 2nd century BC. University of California Transportation Center. Also the water that is dispelled from every step of the paper making process is contaminated with the dissolved organic refuse from the pulping process.

In the end, paper cups epitomize the direction that our consumption is and has been going for the past few decades. But the materials used here are non-biodegradable so many cities banned its use.

History of paper

Photosynthetic differences between saplings and adult trees: Paper cup forming machine The base paper for paper cups is called "cup board", and is made on special multi-ply paper machines.

New Yorkers are said to drink 7 times the amount of any other U. No part of this process can be performed without waste. These aspects of production are only in place to keep the consumer consuming because if companies made their products more durable or sustainable, they would sell less product and make less profit.

In Wilson patented the idea of a ribbed beverage glass made of plastic and a ribbed tumbler made of plastic. Fabriano papermakers considered the process of making paper by hand an art form and were able to refine the process to successfully compete with parchment which was the primary medium for writing at the time.

However, the extreme heat and intense work environment can lead to worker injury. The four billion gallons used in production contributes to the 9, billion cubic meters used in the world each year Fischetti, Sharing production space in New York with the Dixie Doll Company, Moore asked the dollmakers in if he could borrow the name for his cup.

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In the pulping process, post consumer paper is normally shredded into smaller pieces and then soaked in solution to reclaim the fibers. Retrieved December 3,from https: Source Lifecycle Assessments So far, the only aspect differentiating paper cups from plastic ones is their biodegradability.

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We must also take into consideration that, as we already mentioned, Styrofoam takes longer to degrade. The trick is to find the right person.

PLA is a renewable resource and is certified compostable, which means that when it biodegrades, it does not leave behind any toxic residues. To start, some materials like hemp and bamboo have faster regenerating rates than soft wood trees and have a lower environmental impact when harvested for production.

Jarvis registered a dimpled tumbler and Hou registered a drinking tumbler. Acid rain has been shown to lower the pH of soil and rivers resulting in the denaturing of key environmental enzymes and the decrease of viability in fish eggs, diminishing populations and biodiversity Effects of Acid Rain — Surface Waters and Aquatic Animals, At least a reusable container or ceramic mug will eventually break even between the energy used to create it and the energy it saves after multiple uses.

In the early 20th century, it was common to have shared glasses or dippers at water sources such as school faucets or water barrels in trains.

Production The first step in the story of the paper cup is the production of its most basic element: Textual evidence of paper cups appears in a description of the possessions of the Yu family, from the city of Hangzhou. Retrieved December 2,from http: Ina study was conducted measuring six and half million trees harvested to make sixteen million paper cups, resulting in four billion gallons of water used and two hundred and fifty three million pounds of waste Get The Facts,and Spitzer, My Paper Shop is your source for discount bulk party supplies.

We offer wholesale party tableware, decorations, and for all types of special occasions & seasonal events. In tracing the history of stadium cups, one would have to go further beyond the origins of plastic cups and all the way to the first time paper cups was used.

The History Of The Disposable Cup

After all, in the old pre-plastic days, people who went to sports events had to carry paper cups with them. 26 years of accumulated know-how. YONGHO Industry Co.,Ltd has maintained a number one market share of the automatic vending machine market for 4 consecutive years in recognition of our quality, price competitiveness and technological edge.

Benders Paper Cups is dedicated to manufacturing great quality paper cups for great quality coffee. View our full range online now. We all know that small disposable paper cups are used for ice-cream containers, or ketchup containers at fast-food restaurants, or of course, the disposable drinking cup, but where did the concept of utilizing paper was a packaging container originate?

About cake The history of cake dates back to ancient times. The first cakes were very different from what we eat today. They were more bread-like and sweetened with honey.

History of paper cups
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