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Inthe rigid class and gender boundaries ensured that nothing would change, however bythese divisions had been breached. This is apparent first in his appearance: At the end of the story you think back over what has happened.

His business success allows the Birlings to live in upper-middle-class comfort. Throughout his time in the Birling household the Inspector maintains his composure and professionalism, as well as his dedication to the ideals of socialism.

Dramatic irony is also used to promote socialism and expose the fact that Mr. They were joined by dockworkers, ironworkers, printers, railwaymen, steelworkers and transport workers.

Here are some example exam tasks: Priestlys purpose was to again, opress capitalists, and he used Mr Arthur Birling as a catalyst. Birling thinks that there is no chance of war and the titanic has not sunk. Write down your thoughts and feelings about how you and your family have behaved.


Write your thoughts and feelings. He proved it to everyone in the family and to An inspector calls character profile essay readers that he has a lot of money by setting an organizing the engagement.

Edna mostly sets the scenes in which the family eats and talks. In addition it tells us that Mr. Birling was the first one to have an issue with Eva and then it was Sheila Birling so the Inspector interviewed Mr.

Finally, she coldly and ignorantly suggests that no one else is to blame other than the man 'If the girl's death is due to anybody, then it's due to him'. Alternitavely,the dramatic quote ''unsinkable, absaloutley unsinkable'' is Priestly foreshadowing the Birlings sinking fate.

Priestley criticises the selfishness of people like the Birlings. This suggests that the kind of lifestyle they have is very grand and that they are a close family.

Arthur Birling: a character analysis

How does Priestly make this [choose your own extract] such a dramatic and meaningful opening to [choose your own act]? It appears that he wishes to have the facts presented in a coherent narrative in front of the family only in order to build a platform from which he can preach his socialist ideals.

Sheila Birling got Eva fired because she thought Eva was mocking her. As well as being common, the name Smith also has socialist connotations: The Inspector is a very important character in the play. Mr Birling portrays his narrow minded views on war when he says ''you''ll hear some people say that wars inevitable, and to that, i say- fiddlesticks!

Instantly, Priestlys use of dramatic irony not only proves that it is a mistaken view, but it allows the audience to understand that Arthur Birling is not wise, but infact a rather stupid and injudicious character. How is Mrs Birling like this? The role of the Inspector is to investigate the suicide of the young girl who committed suicide therefore he interrupts and comes to Mr.

The Inspector represents the voice of socialism. Without the Inspector, the play would be meaningless and it would not be interesting.


This suggests that because of social status, Mr Birling treats Gerald more like a son to gain some sort of social respect. He is, however, ghost-like in the sense that he doesn't officially exist, and appears to have supernatural powers of perception and persuasion.

For women it was almost the same they were treated like they did not have a mind of their own and the dominant males controlled them. The audience sense a change in mood as they hear the doorbell ring.

Read an in-depth analysis of Eric Birling. I'm completely blown away with the result! Read an in-depth analysis of Sheila Birling. When the Inspector enters, he talks formally and kindly.Apr 01,  · An Inspector Calls Essay ‘An Inspector Calls’ by J.B Priestley is a play which tackles the theme of social responsibility.

This theme is important to our generation in the sense that most of us don’t want to take any responsibility when they are wrong. Discuss the role of the Inspector in the play.

How does Priestley use him? Comment on the way the Inspector varies his treatment of the characters. An Inspector Calls is a play with many social and political messages. J. B. Priestley believed a great deal in socialism and he used several of his. An Inspector Calls | Key Quotes | Mrs Birling.

29 terms. An Inspector Calls - ACT 2 Quotes. All Essay Points | A Level Religious Studies English Literature | An Inspector Calls | Character Key Quotes.

An Inspector Calls

24 terms. An Inspector Calls Quotes: Inspector Goole. 11 terms. An Inspector Calls Quotes - Eric Birling. 13 terms.

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Sheila Birling Quotes. The Education Umbrella Guide to An Inspector Calls Character Profiles. These character profiles are part of the Education Umbrella Guide to An Inspector Calls, which features a summary of the play, analysis of the themes, and classroom activities.

Arthur Birling. How does JB Priestley develop Sheila´s character during the course of the play? JB Priestley´s, An Inspector Calls, is a socially dramatic play, which was first produced inwhen British society was undergoing massive changes.

The Development of Sheila's Character in An Inspector Calls, a Play by J. B. Priestley PAGES 6. WORDS 3, Jun 12,  · Inspector calls essay watch. How does Priestley present ideas about responsibility in An Inspector Calls?

(30 marks) Priestley cleverly uses the contrasting personalities of all of the characters in the Birling family along with the socialist Inspector who is a mouthpiece for Priestley’s view in the morality play.

The character in “An Inspector Calls” Essay

The inspector is.

An inspector calls character profile essay
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